Flavour First

Our distillery is considered to be ""Britain's most innovative distillery" (- Master of Malt)"". Our highly motivated team work long and hard to get as much great flavour into their spirits as they possibly can. To achieve this we use organic mash bills, beer and wine yeast, and long open fermentations.
Spirits are matured in a variety of ways using a variety of woods. We use first fill ex-bourbon casks, virgin casks, seasoned casks and charred english oak spindles. Maturation is all about a balance between the new make spirit and the wood. We are very proud of our flavoursome new makes and as such some releases are considerably "younger" than traditional whiskies or grain spirits. We believe it's ready when it's ready.

Our spirits are available to purchase from Psychopomp Microdistillery's website (our sister distillery).


Each Batch is Unique

Each batch of each spirit we produce is unique, and because of this each batch has a unique code printed on each bottle. The code describes the process by which the spirit was produced in fine detail.

Learn about how your spirit was produced by looking up its code.


Cask Ownership

We are delighted to offer casks for sale to individuals and syndicates.


You can also buy a share in one of our casks from stillincask.com


Services for Brands, Distillers and Brewers


We also provided a full service for other brands, from product development to production, bottling and labelling.



We provide many products and services to other distillers. We provide neutral grain spirit for gin distilleries and low wines for those with a rectifiers license to produce their own whisky and rum.



We provide distiling services for brewers looking to distil their beer into a spirit and also provide used whisky and rum casks for maturation.